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Thursday, March 18, 2010


2 of the adults on my expedition team are scientists who live in Nova Scotia, 4 of the adults are teachers just like me from around the country, and 3 of the adults are volunteers from the United States and England. Can you figure out how many people are part of my team, including me?

Second and Third Graders: Only one member of our team is a man. The rest of the team members are women. What fraction of the team are females?

Fourth and Fifth Graders: What percentage of the team is male? If there are five jobs to do each day on the expedition and each member of the team can only do one job per day, how many people will tend to each job in one day if the work is split evenly amongst the team?

Please post your answers as comments. Include your first name and room number. Do NOT post your last name. I will post the correct answers in the next blog entry.

Just so you know, you will not see your comment right away. I will have to allow the comment to appear when I check the blog.


  1. Markus from Room 5 says we should use tally marks to show the 2 people from Nova Scotia, the 4 teachers, and the 3 volunteers. Then he says we should add the tally marks together.

    Josie says we have to add one more tally mark to include Ms. Blemker.

    The total number of people on the team, we think, is 10.

  2. Good job, Room 5! There are 10 people on my team! Nice strategy, Markus and Josie! Tally marks are a fast way to solve an addition problem on paper!