Please travel with me to Nova Scotia to study Mammals and Climate Change!

Friday, March 12, 2010


This blog is the place on the web to check out where I am and what I'm doing between the 10th and 24th of April, 2010.

I am scheduled to fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada on April, 10th. After that, I will be traveling to a rural area where I will be meeting up with a team of adults.

Our team will be studying mammals that live in Nova Scotia, to see if their populations have been affected by climate change. When I find out exactly what we are doing, I will let you know.

Here is your first challenge, Green Lake students: I used some words in this post that might be new to you. Find out what the words that are bolder or darker than the rest of the words in this entry mean. Post your answers as comments to this entry. Don't forget to include your first name and your room number!

Visit this page every weekend for more information and a new challenge.

Just so you know, you will not see your comment right away. I will have to allow the comment to appear when I check the blog.


  1. blog: Place where people can write their own stories and thoughts.
    web: Website or internet. Also what a spider uses to catch bugs.
    rural: Out in the country, less populated.
    climate change: differences in the weather over time, in part due to humans
    Lincoln, Room 5 (with help from my Mom and Dad)

  2. Saoirse says a blog is a journal.
    Zak says a blog is a journal on the computer.
    Enzo says the web is a place on the computer with words.
    Markus says the web is a place on the computer with words and pictures.
    Cheyanne says the web is where you can "google" things.
    Nels says mammals are animals that don't lay eggs.
    Josie says mammal babies drink milk from their moms.
    Lucas says rural areas are in the wild.
    Josie says rural areas are big, dry places.
    Markus says rural areas are riparean areas (grassy areas near water).
    Markus says climate change is weather changing in big ways.

  3. Wow, Lincoln! I am so impressed! Good job looking these up with an adult!

    Room 5, all of you were correct in your answers and I will be sharing more information with you so you can fully understand these big words. Thanks for your hard work!