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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Eleven

Today we checked our traps and Spunky had climbed into the same trap as yesterday.  Sometime during the night, though, she died in the trap.  We felt very sad to find her that way this morning, but it's normal for a vole to only live a short time. We are pretty sure she was hurt by something like a bird of prey before she went into the trap. She had a big black mark on her back.  We didn't catch anything else today.

In a little while, we are leaving to go see beavers.  I will tell you all about it tomorrow.  I hope to get some good pictures!

Room 5, I am excited to celebrate Earth Day with you!  Think of what you would like to say to the Earth to show your appreciation. Please also add two red squirrels to the data you are collecting. Talk to you soon!

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