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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day Five

Well, it didn't snow today but the scientists decided we should wait to do bat and beaver research for next week.  Instead, today we checked our traps in the morning and afternoon, surveyed trees for porcupine damage, and searched the forest floor for snowshoe hare scat. Searching the forest floor means crawling through poky, thorny branches and over moss and mud on our hands and knees for hours .  My face and hands are scratched and my whole body hurts.  I am very tired, but you know what? I'm having fun and I'm learning a lot.

Here is a picture of us moving through the forest.  See how poky the branches are?  Ouch!

As a team, we found over 5000 pieces of snowshoe hare scat today.  That tells us that this particular area of the forest has a lot of hare living in it and must be pretty healthy. 

Today, we caught the same voles we already caught yesterday. Burt has been caught 4 times!  I think he likes the traps.  Dr. Buesching thinks voles remember being caught so they must not mind if they keep going into them.  Tomorrow morning will be the last time we check the traps at our current site.  Next week, we will place them in a different area near a lake. We might even catch jumping mice with really long tails!  I can't wait.

We also caught a chipmunk today, even though we are not trying to.  Sometimes they try to get into the traps because they smell the food. The pictures of the chipmunk show him in a plastic bag.  That is the only way we can remove him from the trap.  Chipmunks can bite very hard and it hurts!  We named him Flash because he got away "in a flash"!

I am super tired.  I don't remember the last time I worked this hard for this long every day outside in the cold.  I'm glad I have such a fun team.  I will let you meet them all soon.  Here is a picture of me with Ms. McNulty.  She teaches 4th grade in San Francisco and she is my roommate here. 

Room 5, Please add one red squirrel and one chipmunk to the animal sighting data you are collecting. Today I would like you to come up with some questions for me that Ms. A can post in the comments.  I will do my best to answer them this weekend.  Have fun at the play and remember to show Ms. A how responsible you can be on field trips. I miss you a lot, but I'll video conference with you again on Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Saoirse wants to know: Why did you give the Vole a haircut?

    Sofia wants to know: Have you given the Chipmunk a haircut too?

    Josie wants to know: How much did the voles eat while inside the trap?

    Enzo wants to know: How are you going to research the bats next week?

    Chey wants to know if you have seen any chipmunk scat?

    Zak wants to know if you have heard any coyotes at night?

    Maddie wants to know if you have seen any bears?

    We look forward to seeing you on Monday! We may have some second grade visitors to watch and learn with us. Have a great weekend.

    Love, Room 5