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Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Nine

Yesterday, we visited Kejimkujik (Kedge-uh-muh-COO-jik) National Forest. Kejimkujik means 'Land of the Spirits' in Mi'kmaw (Mick-Maw).  The Mi'kmaws are the native people who lived here long before the white people came. Some Mi'kmaws still live here.

In the forest, Emma and I spotted many things. Take a look!

First, a picture of Emma and Lycos cuddling on the trip to the Forest.  They are such good friends!

Soon after we began our hike through the forest, we saw a waterfall! Dr. Newman says this water is brown because of the tannins from the pine needles.  Tannins are acid inside of the needles and when they mix with the water, they change the color of the water.

Lycos found part of the forest burned.  This was a controlled burn, which means Park Rangers did it on purpose.  They burn it to get rid of a lot of the low lying plants and brush on the ground so new seeds have room to grow.  They put the fire out as soon as the part they wanted to burn was finished.

Emma found a cool mushroom!  I couldn't let her eat it though.  Some mushrooms are poisonous.  It's safest not to eat anything you see growing in a forest.

This is a tree that grew in the forest on top of a rock.  It grew in the moss on the rock, then when its roots got long enough, they found their way into the ground. Pretty cool! Look how tiny Emma is compared to the tree!

This is one of my favorite things about the National Parks in Canada.  They have a bear-proof can for trash, one for compost and 5 for different kinds of things you can recycle.  What a great way to help people take care of the Earth!

We also saw signs to tell us to be careful and not hit turtles that are crossing the road.  They are endangered because so many people run them over by accident and also because people are using the land where they live to build on.  We didn't see any turtles, but I thought the sign was cool!

We also found lots of field signs in the forest. Field signs show that animals have been in the area, even if you don't see the animals themselves.

Room 5, Can you guess which animals left these field signs?

1. Look carefully at these trees. Was this a Porcupine or a Beaver?

2. Does this scat belong to a snowshoe hare or a deer?

3. What kind of animal does this belong to?  What is this?

I saw field signs today at Cook's Lake, too, and I will share those with you tomorrow. I did not see any animals yesterday or today, so you can't add anything to the data you are collecting.  I think it is just too cold for animals to be out.  I think they are all hiding in their burrows.  I don't blame them!  The wind blew 34 mph today!!  That is faster than the cars are allowed to drive in our neighborhood! Tomorrow, we will check the shrew and mouse traps and maybe I will find some friends.  I'll let you know!


  1. Josie said the field sign in picture one was left by a beaver because beavers gnaw on the wood and they leave that behind because that's what people want them to see.

    Enzo said the field sign in picture one was left by a beaver because they nibble into a triangle.

    Milo said the field sign in picture one was left by a beaver because beavers nibble on wood and they leave it in a triangle shape and it falls off.

    Sophie said the field sign in picture two was left by a Snowshoe hare because the scat is little.

    Markus said the field sign in picture two is from a deer because snowshoe hare scat is probably smaller than whats in the picture.

    Carmonte thinks the field sign in picture three was made by an owl. I see a nest.

    Maddie thinks the field sign in picture three belongs to a bird. I see a nest in the picture and birds have nests.

    Caroline thinks the field sign in picture three was made by a bird because I can see the nest.

    Sofia thinks the field sign in picture three was made by a bird and the wind broke some of the sides.

    Markus thinks the field sign in picture three was made by turtle because there was a turtle sign in the other picture.

    The kids in room 5 wanted to let you know that we saw a few turtles on our walk on Friday. It was such A nice warm day they were out on a log suning themselves. There were some baby turtles as well.

    Room 5 was also excited to see baby ducklings on our walk.

    Talk to you soon!
    Room 5

  2. Wow! You guys know so much about Beavers! That's so cool. You are correct that a beaver chews things into a point.

    Sophie, this scat identification question was difficult. It would make sense that deer scat would be bigger than hare scat, but actually they are the same size. The difference between them is that deer scat is black while snowshoe hare scat is brown. This picture is of deer scat.

    That nest is definitely a bird's nest. Great guess, Carmonte--owls have nests too, but they are much bigger because owls are bigger than most birds.

    Markus, turtles bury their eggs. Also, they cannot climb trees. Good job knowing that turtles lay eggs, though!

    Thanks for all your great answers, friends!