Please travel with me to Nova Scotia to study Mammals and Climate Change!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Day Two

(I'm posting a lot of pictures in this post so I'm posting them small.  You can click on each one to see it larger, if you'd like.)

Today, I went with my group on a 6 mile hike along the coast. It was wonderful to see the beautiful ocean. 

We also saw some amazing creatures.  On our walk, I saw 16 whitetailed deer all in one meadow! I also saw two red squirrels and 1 porcupine. I have never seen a porcupine in real life, so I was very excited! He was busy and we had to be very quiet so he wouldn't climb the tree and hide. My friend Sue has a fancy camera and she took these great pictures of the three animals we saw.
You can't tell, but red squirrels are really little. -much smaller than the gray squirrels we have in Seattle. Now check out the eye of this beautiful porcupine!!

Before we saw the porcupine, we saw the damage one had done to a nearby tree. Some people hunt them because they are considered pests. Can you tell where the porcupine has chewed the bark off the tree?

We also saw some raccoon footprints, letting us know one had visited recently.  This is another way to "look" for mammals.  We could tell these belonged to a raccoon because of the 5 skinny toes.

When we were walking on the rocks, I saw these bones.
One of the Scientists, Dr. Buesching, told me that she thinks they are the bones of a seal pup.

Another person on my team found this. It is the skull of a duck.  I wonder what ate it.  Any guesses?

This animal is one I have seen a lot of.  Do you think it is a wolf or coyote?
Did you guess? Well, I'm just joking. It is actually a dog that belongs to the Scientists that live here.  They are not sure what kind of dog he is, but he sure does look like a really big coyote!  A lot of wild animals think he is one too and they run away from him when he takes a walk with us. He is actually really nice and his name is Lycos. On my first day here, he gave me a big wet kiss. He also tried to play with Emma, but I had to tell him she is not a toy. He was kind of bummed.

We saw a lot of something else today, called scat, that also helps us know which animals have recently visited that area.

Room 5, Do you remember what scat is? Tomorrow, I will tell you more about it and even show you pictures of it.  We will be working with scat a lot while we are here.

Thanks for letting me know how you will collect the data on the animals I see. Tally marks sounds like a great idea! Please help Ms. A record the animals I saw today on chart paper and then copy it into your Field Expedition Journals after we have our videoconference. By the way, I am so excited to see you!! I hope you have some great questions for me!


  1. Good Afternoon Ms. Blemker!
    Saorise says "scat is animal poop!"

    Milo says "worms have scat."

    See you in a little bit!
    The school is buzzing about our video conference today! Hopefully all will go well!!

    Love, Room 5

  2. Dear Emma, I hope you are enjoying yourself. It looks like you are having a good time and that the weather is good too!
    We miss you.