Please travel with me to Nova Scotia to study Mammals and Climate Change!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Final Countdown

I am leaving in six days and I am really excited! The computer in our classroom is all set up to "talk" with me while I am in Nova Scotia. I will be using a program called Sight Speed to talk with my students. The webcam, a video camera, on my computer will show me talking to them while the camera on the class computer will show them talking to me. We'll be able to hear each other through the computer speakers while seeing each other on the computer screens. This is called videoconferencing. Pretty cool, hm?

Ms. A is the guest teacher in our classroom while I am gone. She is a fabulous teacher and everyone in Room 5 loves her. We are really lucky to have her for two whole weeks!! I am working this week on writing plans for her to use to make sure my class is learning everything they are supposed to while I am gone. It is hard to learn all of the rules and expectations and routines in a classroom right away. I want to help her out as much as I can so I'm spending some time writing all of that down for her. I hope she has fun while she's visiting!

My challenge for you this week is to find two images (or pictures) on the Internet. Find one of Halifax, Nova Scotia. That is the capitol of Nova Scotia and where the airport is located. Then find an image of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. That is the closest town to where I will be staying. When you find these two images, add a link to each of them in your comment for everyone to see!

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