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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Q & A

Room 5, Hi friends! I had a lot of fun in Halifax yesterday. Today we visited a National Forest where Emma helped us find some great things. I took pictures and will post them soon. For today's post, I just wanted to answer your questions.

Saoirse wants to know: Why did you give the Vole a haircut?
Good question, Saoirse! We gave the vole just a little haircut to be able to tell if we catch it again. If we see that it got a haircut already, we can tell that it is not a brand new vole and we won't count it twice.

Sofia wants to know: Have you given the Chipmunk a haircut too?
Hi Sofia! We did not give the chipmunk a haircut because he got away before we could. He was very fast!

Josie wants to know: How much did the voles eat while inside the trap?
Josie, the voles usually eat the piece of apple and up to a small handful of birdseed. That's enough to keep them happy for 2 days or so.

Enzo wants to know: How are you going to research the bats next week?
Great question, Enzo! We are going to use bat detector machines to find them. Try to ask me this question again at the videoconference so I can give you more information, okay?

Chey wants to know if you have seen any chipmunk scat?
Hi Chey! Chipmunk scat is super tiny. It's just too hard to see in the forest. Great question!

Zak wants to know if you have heard any coyotes at night?
Zak, I haven't been outside at night because it's so cold here. The scientists say I would probably hear them if I took a walk late at night, but I haven't done that and I don't know if I will. We do see a lot of coyote scat, though!

Maddie wants to know if you have seen any bears?
Maddie, the only bear I have seen is Emma. I am sad about this because it would be neat to see a bear, but I am also glad because bears are really dangerous if they try to protect themselves when they see you.

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